[The Night of Beijing Forum 2012] Concert by Student Art Troupe of Peking University
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The concert of the Night of Beijing Forum 2012 took place in Peking University Hall on November 3, 2012. Student Art Troupe of Peking University School of Arts, together with Chinese Music Institute (CNI) of Peking University, presented a special performance by combining eastern music with western music and integrating tradition with innovation, taking the audience into a great palace of music. 
The concert began with the emotionally intense and momentous piece of “Capriccio” by the Chinese Music Institute, which is the only non-art major student music association in Peking University. A quiet and ethereal atmosphere of nostalgia is created by the melodious sound, and the strong affection for the hometown is expressed through the majestic momentum of sound, taking the audience to fanciful dreams about the hometown. Su Wenqing, the composer, unfolds different stages of thoughts about modern society one after another with the five-part music piece. In the sonorous sound of percussion and bass, sounds made by string instruments and wind instruments sometimes go up and down, and sometimes flow smoothly. The change of the music dynamic, the contrast of the colors on stage, and the excitement and passion of the Chinese way drove the audience to cheer.
“Sentiment of Cello” is a creative program jointly composed and rehearsed by Student Symphony Orchestra and Student Chinese Orchestra of Peking University, which manifests the collision and exchange between Chinese and western music in the contemporary context. The Yunnan folk song “Rippling Brook” was sung by the Student Chorus of Peking University. With soothing, fresh and melodious style, the song displays the profound prospect of natural sceneries in untidy melody. “Swigs” was performed by Student Chinese Orchestra and Student Dance Troupe of Peking University, which combines ensemble Guqin and Zhongruan with solo dance, bringing out the best in each other. “Swigs” gives full play of implicit classical beauty with traditional heritage and modern highlights. Student Art Troupe of Peking University also staged other high-level performances like the chorus “You Raise Me up”, the dance “Junior Chi”, the chorus and symphony “Riding on the Wings of Singing”, the folk music “Jade”, the dance “Peacock Flying”, the chorus “Swan Goose”, the brass ensemble “Aida”, and the performance “Hand in Hand”, which involved many different styles of music. 
“Sentiment of Cello”
“Rippling Brook”
“Junior Chi”
“Peacock Flying”
“Hand in Hand”
The joint efforts by Student Chinese Orchestra, Student Symphony Orchestra, Student Chorus, Student Dance Troupe and Chinese Music Institute of Peking University, brought the audience a wonderful performance combining Chinese music with western music. With music as the common language for different cultures, the performance displayed the spirit, the artistic accomplishment of Peking University students. Through this art form, the youths of Peking University have conveyed the concept of “civilization” and the notion of “harmony” to the audience aesthetically. 
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