Nguyen Minh

Principal Investigator, Center for Energy Research

University of California, San Diego

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  Nguyen Minh is an internationally well-known expert on solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs), solid oxide electrolysis cells (SOECs)and related technologies.   Over the last thirty years, he has dedicated his research to the development of SOFCs/SOECsand new energy systems. His experience covers a full spectrum of industrial/product R&D areas, ranging from technology assessment, strategy and roadmap formulation, fundamental and engineering study to materials, processes and manufacturing development, system design and operation, prototype demonstration, and cost/market analysis.

  Minh is currently with the Center for Energy Research at the University of California San Diego (UCSD).  His current SOFC research at UCSD focuses on basic and applied science and engineering studies on properties, phenomena, and designs key to SOFC/SOEC stack technology and development of advanced concepts. Before UCSD, he was chief scientist/manager of Fuel Cells at General Electric and senior manager at Honeywell/AlliedSignal, leading fuel cell (both SOFCs and proton exchange membrane fuel cells or PEMFCs), hydrogen and oxygen production technology and ceramics R&D efforts. He   previously   was   also a group leader/staff in electrochemical technology at Argonne National Laboratory, working on molten carbonate fuel cells (MCFCs), batteries, and advanced electrolytic processes.

  Minh is the co-author of the book Science and Technology of Ceramic Fuel Cells as well as nine book chapters, 21 patents, and about 150 published technical articles on SOFCs and related technologies. His review paper “Ceramic Fuel Cells”, published in the Journal of the American Ceramic Society in 1993, serves as a classic article that has been widely cited in the literature, as well as translated into several languages. Minh has received several awards including the 2007 ASME Francis T. Bacon Medal,2017 Fuel Cell Seminar and Energy Exposition Award, and 2021 Electrochemical Society H-Temp Division Subhash Singhal Award for his work on fuel cell technologies and systems.